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Travel Options Made Easy: 'Rome2Rio' App

You’re at point A and want to go to point B. What’s easiest means of getting there? What’s the most affordable? Or the fastest connections?

It took me over an hour last year to compare different options to get from Copenhagen, Denmark to Bergen, Norway with potential side trips to Olso or Stockholm, Sweden. (Scandinavia can be crisscrossed by rideshare, rental car, plane, train, bus and ferry services!)

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t have the free Rome2Rio app. It's easy. Just type in where you are and where you want to go. Rome2Rio provides the list of step-by-step directions including connections and a map. Looking at it now, the app shows six ways I could have traveled to Bergen. (I took the direct flight from Copenhagen rather than tack on side trips which added too much extra time but I could have decided that in two minutes instead of spending an hour comparing individual options!)

Rome2Rio considers estimated journey costs and times, with links to travel booking. The site includes destination information plus it links to Expedia for lodging information. According to the company, they have booking details from over 5,000 companies in more than 160 countries “making us one of the top online travel resources used globally. It's already downloaded for my next trip.

Getting anywhere is easier with Rome2Rio
Bergen, Norway

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