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The "Run-Away" Best Seller

The Grown-Up's Guide to Running Away From Home captured the imagination of readers. Interviews on television, radio and in print reached a pinnacle with international coverage on CNN International which took its ranking to #9 in all books; it still consistently ranks among the top books in the Senior Travel category.

"Be it armchair escape, or the real thing, it's a useful resource guide and a darn good read!"

American Citizens Abroad

"A great help in defining everything from your motives to your modus operandi, this handy guide to escape artists includes advice on both the psychological and practical dimensions of leaving it all behind."

San Francisco Examiner

"Don't leave home without it!"

Library Journal

Reviews: Testimonials


"One of the best books that I have read, written by an American who moved to France, purchased a home and immersed herself, with her husband, in the French culture. Rosanne does a wonderful job of including the reader with her experiences."  Amazon Review

"This book is so much fun! I really enjoyed the story of this couple making their way in France after a lifetime in the U.S. ...The long, wine-filled lunch breaks, and the quiet life in a French village." Amazon Review

"I have read a dozen ex-pat memoirs and I would put this one near the top of my list. The writing is nuanced and detailed. The people and situations are described in a light, humorous way and the appreciation for the French culture is evident."  Amazon Review

Reviews: Testimonials
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