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Fun & Free Ways to Learn a Language

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Step One: Learn at Your Own Pace. Try DuoLingo. This is not an ad; it is just a dynamite free app. It can be installed on a computer, tablet or smart phone (though easier & more functional on something larger than your mobile.)

The method is intuitive, starting with pictures, adding skills gradually as you progress at your own pace. Last count, 32 languages are offered from the usual French, Spanish and such to Swahili and (yes Star Trek fans) Klingon.

I’ve used it for Spanish, Portuguese, and Danish so far. (Just wish that those Danes weren't such linguists. I didn’t get to practice; they all just switched to English.

Step Two: People Practice. That’s where Mundo Lingo comes in. Out of desperation, I tried the group meetup in Copenhagen. Turned out to be an interesting range of people from Australia, South America, Russia, Norway, Denmark that evening. All of them younger than I am but, after all, Copenhagen is filled with college students and young professionals. In any case, they were eager to practice their English with me while I practiced Danish and Spanish.

Groups usually meet at a bar…the better to loosen the tongue, so to speak. As each person arrives, they choose flags to stick on their shirt. Your native language goes on top, then the ones you speak or want to practice after that. You can check for groups at, on Facebook at or you might find a local group at

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